Welcome to We’re Inperfectly Perfect

Welcome to We’re Inperfectly Perfect! I’m Victoria, the owner of this blog. I’m just your normal teenage girl who eats, sleeps and blogs. This is the second blog that I’ve created, and I’m looking forward to sharing my different life experiences with you. This blog has  an advice column,  a “how to deal with series,” random stories, school tips and many more!

We’re all Inperfectly Perfect in our own ways but that’s what makes us all unique .


I’m Staying

I  don’t know why but I just cant quit WordPress it;s one of the things that if I let go, than I’ll probably end up coming back. Since i cant quit I;ve decided to make this site mainly based on photography since it’s one of my hobbies that has stuck with me since I was a little kid. I’ll be posting every once in a blue moon on whenever i have free time to go and take pictures.

Stay tuned – Blizz

To Quit or Not to Quit ?

I haven’t been on WordPress for a while . It’s also not the same since majority of the bloggers started with have quit or aren’t on it’s not the same fun experience it use to be. A part of me wants to stay but at the same time I don’t want to leave all of it behind.  I rarely have the free time to blog so its the last thing on my list of many things to do. I’m just confused cant make a decision because i don’t want to blog every couple of months, since i won’t be fully committed. This is a really tough decision to make whatever I decide I’ll let you guys know.

Back To School 2017

Back to Basics - Chalkboard
The words Back to Basics written on a chalkboard

I previously posted a back to school clothing haul. I might do a supplies haul if I get a lot of supplies and don’t end up buying everything last minute or a notebook DIY post. This post is just here to refer to old back to school posts on this blog. I find it repetitive to repeat the same information. I’m also very lazy so, I’ve just added short descriptions of what’d you’d find in each post.

Old back to School Posts :

How to Deal With : Freshman Year of High School

Tips to help you through the social, academic and environmental change of being a freshman in high school.

School Tips

Tips to help you achieve academic success

Back to School Essentials : 

These posts are targeted towards the essential items needed throughout the school year. Supplies are targeted based upon grade. Clothing is based on if dress code or uniform aren’t applicable.

Back to School Essentials : Hygiene 

Back to School Essentials : Supplies 

Back to School Essentials : Clothing





Mini Review of Shein.com 

I saw a lot of YouTube videos about this website and just decided to try their products out since I was curious. I only bought jackets so, I can’t really speak on the whole website. Since the currency is in usd I find that the prices are similar to that of items you’d find in Canada already for the same price without actually having to wait for all the shipping. 


With standard shipping it took approximately 7 business days which is equivalent to about 10 regular days. Considering it came from china I think it was a reasonable time frame. In the past I’ve order from Chinese wholesalers on Amazon and the items would come maybe 3 months later so I was a little concerned with shipping but everything was fine. I’m glad they had the option to let you buy ship insurance so that if your item goes missing than you’ll be able to get another one sent to you.


They have really cute and fashionable items the quality of the two items I’ve received not the greatest quality but, they definitely look really nice.  I feel like the stitching on the jacket might come off the red jacket . I’ve worn it for a couple of days and it’s seams like it’s fine. The denim jackets really light weight but it doesn’t feel like real denim it’s like the material you’d find in some jackets at forever 21.


I read a ton of reviews and watched YouTube hauls with items from the website so I’d know how it would fit someone who was approximately the same size as me. 

I got the red jacket in an XL because the reviews on the website said it ran a little small. I’m glad I made that choice because it fits like a  Canadian size S or M.

For the denim jacket I got a medium which I would have gotten if I was in Canada I regret it. I wish I had gotten a L because the sleeves are a little short. I would return it but then I’d have to pay to send it back so I decided to just keep it. Next time I go looking for denim jackets I might just check thrift stores order from them but get two sizes up. 

The sizing is different for every single item, so each time you have to measure yourself and it can get difficult. I’d personally prefer if they had their own universal sizing chart since they ship to many countries. 

Would I purchase from them again? 

I’d consider it, its not that bad and they have really trend, fashionable and unique items. If I were to do a photo shoot for someone than I’d definitely consider it. It’s not my go to online store I might occasionally order every couple of months.
Overall I’d rate this website 7/10 

What are some online retailers you order from ? Feel free to  leave your comments and thoughts below !