Welcome to We’re Inperfectly Perfect

Welcome to We’re Inperfectly Perfect! I’m Victoria, the owner of this blog. I’m just your normal teenage girl who eats, sleeps and blogs. This is the second blog that I’ve created, and I’m looking forward to sharing my different life experiences with you. This blog has  an advice column,  a “how to deal with series,” random stories, … More Welcome to We’re Inperfectly Perfect

It’s Almost Over

I’m so done with school 1 more week of high school and I’m , finally free. I think this year was hectic for me grades , accidents , work family issues . I’m just glad i got it over with. Will  I miss high school? To be honest I don’t really like the school I … More It’s Almost Over

Back Sorta

I’ve been so busy honestly forgot about WordPress. I’ve just been so focused on school . I’m currently and deciding on which university I want to go to next year. My prom is in about a month and everything coming along very well.  I got my heels and dress everything I’m not sure if I … More Back Sorta


There are about eight diy’s in this post that are really fun and easy to create. You can see how I placed them and used them in my room tour post ! Marble Clipboard For the first Diy I used the same concept and used it on this clipboard. It didn’t turn out looking like … More Diy’s

Room Tour 2017

This is an update from my last room tour . ( Click Here  if you’d like to see how it looked  a few months ago.) I made a few minor changes and upgraded some of Diy’s  since I finally got a hot glue gun . Everything just looks neater and cleaner compared to last time. I … More Room Tour 2017